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High-Capacity Water Pumps: Our PTO water pumps are known for their durability and reliability, giving you a steady stream of water.

Sunflower Pans: We specialize in sunflower pans, which are integral in the harvesting of sunflowers.

Cattle Feeders: We have the perfect solution for your livestock feeding requirements.

V-Plows: Handy tool for cleaning drainage ditches. 

Trailers: We offer trailers of wide variety with each one at least 10,000 lbs.

Custom Building: We are capable of specialized or customized building using all sorts of steel and aluminum.

Shear and Brake Work: If you need to bend sheet and plate material, we can easily get the job done.

Hydraulic Hose Repair: We repair hydraulic hoses, which are vital for an engine’s ability to operate properly.

Welding: We do Wire Feed and Stick Welding.

Rolling: For your Steel Rolling needs.

Punch Press: Cut holes precisely in your chosen material with our punch press machine.

Turn/Mill: Our turn lathe and milling machines are built for increased rigidity and functionality.

Sawing Machine: Cut up bars or shapes of raw material with absolute ease.

Press Work: 22' Gantry press, forming press and a 30 ton press.

Flighting: We have a large selection of flighting for your auger needs.

Large Paint Room: Enjoy a rainbow of options!

Drill Press: Power downfeed press drill.

Gas Torches: Our gas torches are powerful, safe, and efficient.

From water pumps to gas torches, we have what you need. Call us today at 701-259-2331 or email us at